All Done with Diapers

A Day in the Life

The last few days I decided let’s not pee in diapers or unders any more. I was already really good at peeing and pooping on the potty but I used to pee and poop in diapers too. We did EC since I was a little baby so I knew how to relax on the potty and let pee come out.

So we spent a few days with only little unders or naked in the kitchen and I learned how to pull my unders up and down by myself, climb up and down from the potty, and listen for my body for pee that’s ready to come out. I haven’t put any pee in my unders since my nap yesterday!

This morning I got a special dolly from Iris and I am taking good care of her. I give her hugs and kisses, and I teach her to sit on the potty. In the morning she was peeing her unders but I showed her how to sit on the potty and keep her unders dry. Now she’s doing pretty good.


One thought on “All Done with Diapers

  1. SO exciting!!! Yay Edy!!!

    On a slightly less affirming note, that adorable doll looks JUST like Ponyo halfway through her transformation from girl to fish.

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