Technical Difficulties

A Day in the Life

My Mama has a bunch of phones and they are all a little broken. Today we are going to Seattle to get something that will fix it, and I am excited to see Anty Rachel and That Jon also. Maybe more friends too.

So here is what you missed. I say two words at a time now and I got my ears pierced. I cried ten seconds only. Other than the pinch that was mostly a fun day. I snuggled Mimee and Poppy a lot. I went to the zoo with Grandma and we saw crazy gibbons and a million fish. I counted them but there were more than three. I also learned a few colors. All the things I like are green. I love milk and otters and Da and my friend Anna. My turtle backpack is filled with interesting things. I’m on a boat.

Okay. If you want to hang out with me in Seattle today I will be in the U District at 1. Give me a buzz.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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