Manette Playfield

A Day in the Life

I have been grumpy for two days so Mama says we have to go to the park. I would rather go swim and I tell her so. In spite of that I don’t put up much fight getting my jacket and shoes.

My stroller is handy when I am grumpy and don’t want to walk. As we get close though, I feel a little better and I think this might be fun.

It is. I climb up the stairs, run across the bridge, and slam down the slide. Watch me climb! I am the best at climbing and I try out the round ladder. I can do it mostly, if Mama stands close. Other kids come and run and yell and go up and down. I watch them and choose somewhere else to play. The baby goes down the big slide with her sister. I need one of those big sister things. I should have brought Iris.

Inside the tunnel, I stick out my lips for kissing. It is a funny game. Sometimes I let Mama kiss me but sometimes I hide. Then she hides too. Mama? Mama! Boo!

I balance on the edge and explore by myself. I make Mama hold my hand. I feel much better.

As I side note I ate some sushi today. By far the best part is the pickled ginger. It is pink.


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