Gleaming Treasures

A Day in the Life

It is a quiet day. In the morning Mama and I clean our room. I help pick up the toys and books on the shelf, and we carry all the laundry to the laundry basket. I am a little grumpy. This week I slept in my own bed all night and it is just not as good because I can’t reach the milk from my bed. Da reminds me to fall asleep when I wake up. Okay okay. This morning I woke up a little early because I was just sick of waiting. So I was grumpy.

I eat my granola and raisins. I read some books. I put together my bug puzzle. I want to go back to sleep… but not in my bed. I tell Mama “Night night,” but I decline to go downstairs. It is still an hour before nap time. I climb up to rock with her and I start having a dream.

When I get up I am feeling better. We eat lunch outside and go down to play on my slide. I have this slide that was Uncle Matt’s and it lived at Grandpa Bill’s house for a hundred years so that now I can slide on it. It is wonderful.

Mimee comes out to smell flowers and kill bugs. I follow her down the steps and there on the ground by my old berries I find two red treasures, shining and sparkling. I am so happy about them. I look for more. More. More. More.

Mama says, “Okay Edie, we can go inside and get more treasures.” She brings them to me but a mess rains down in the closet so she goes back. I show the treasures to Mimee, all the colors. They fill up my hands, even my biggest fists. I am scooping them and pouring them, one two three four five. I count out loud, “Two, two, two, three!”

Treasures are so pretty. When Mama comes back I show her and trade her and fill up her hands. I fill up my mouth too. Mama makes the trouble face and makes me spit them out. At first I give them back happily. Then I make a run for it and try to keep them for myself forever. Alas, I can’t get the back door open. Mama overtakes me and makes me clean them all up into the back. I think about crying when she puts them away, but just in time I decide not to.

If you have any treasures, please come over and share them with me. Mama won’t give me my treasures back and she won’t even let me touch her earrings.


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