All Done with Diapers

A Day in the Life

The last few days I decided let’s not pee in diapers or unders any more. I was already really good at peeing and pooping on the potty but I used to pee and poop in diapers too. We did EC since I was a little baby so I knew how to relax on the potty and let pee come out.

So we spent a few days with only little unders or naked in the kitchen and I learned how to pull my unders up and down by myself, climb up and down from the potty, and listen for my body for pee that’s ready to come out. I haven’t put any pee in my unders since my nap yesterday!

This morning I got a special dolly from Iris and I am taking good care of her. I give her hugs and kisses, and I teach her to sit on the potty. In the morning she was peeing her unders but I showed her how to sit on the potty and keep her unders dry. Now she’s doing pretty good.


Technical Difficulties

A Day in the Life

My Mama has a bunch of phones and they are all a little broken. Today we are going to Seattle to get something that will fix it, and I am excited to see Anty Rachel and That Jon also. Maybe more friends too.

So here is what you missed. I say two words at a time now and I got my ears pierced. I cried ten seconds only. Other than the pinch that was mostly a fun day. I snuggled Mimee and Poppy a lot. I went to the zoo with Grandma and we saw crazy gibbons and a million fish. I counted them but there were more than three. I also learned a few colors. All the things I like are green. I love milk and otters and Da and my friend Anna. My turtle backpack is filled with interesting things. I’m on a boat.

Okay. If you want to hang out with me in Seattle today I will be in the U District at 1. Give me a buzz.

Poppy Brings us to the Library

A Day in the Life

Poppy and Mama and I come to the library because I need to go visit somewhere else but it is chilly and windy out. At our library there is a fun play area with giant blocks and puppets and chairs that are just the right size for me. I build a castle with the girl who is playing here, and we put the king and fairy puppets into the doorway. After she leaves I knock it all down and hop on the castle by myself.

We walk around and look at the books but since I am not supposed to rip them all off the shelf, the most interesting part is the animals on top of the shelf. I give big hugs to Clifford the Big Red Dog, Peter Rabbit, and Paddington Bear.

Mama picks out a couple books in Japanese. I am not very interested in reading today. Mama seems surprised but I let her know, just because we read Harold and the Purple Crayon six times yesterday doen’t mean I feel like reading Each Peach Pear Plum today.

A Visit with Anna at my House

A Day in the Life

I helped Mama vacuum and clean up before Anna got here so my dog hair wouldn’t get on her. I brought out my toys to share.

Our Mamas were drinking tea so I had some too. I like it because it gets the milk warm. Anna didn’t have any so I was trying to share mine by pouring a little in her cup. It didn’t work but she probably wouldn’t like it anyway.

She brought a bracelet of which I was quite jealous. So I took it. Anna cried. I kind of gave it back but eventually managed to con her out of it completely by making Mimee my accomplice. Mimee was like a decoy and I got Anna’s bracelet and hid it with my toys.

We read Harold and the Purple Crayon. He’s so dreamy. Better than the Beattles.

When Anna had to go home I gave her a hug and she gave me a nice hug back. We are both good huggers. I waved out the window while she drove away. Zoom.

Manette Playfield

A Day in the Life

I have been grumpy for two days so Mama says we have to go to the park. I would rather go swim and I tell her so. In spite of that I don’t put up much fight getting my jacket and shoes.

My stroller is handy when I am grumpy and don’t want to walk. As we get close though, I feel a little better and I think this might be fun.

It is. I climb up the stairs, run across the bridge, and slam down the slide. Watch me climb! I am the best at climbing and I try out the round ladder. I can do it mostly, if Mama stands close. Other kids come and run and yell and go up and down. I watch them and choose somewhere else to play. The baby goes down the big slide with her sister. I need one of those big sister things. I should have brought Iris.

Inside the tunnel, I stick out my lips for kissing. It is a funny game. Sometimes I let Mama kiss me but sometimes I hide. Then she hides too. Mama? Mama! Boo!

I balance on the edge and explore by myself. I make Mama hold my hand. I feel much better.

As I side note I ate some sushi today. By far the best part is the pickled ginger. It is pink.

Gleaming Treasures

A Day in the Life

It is a quiet day. In the morning Mama and I clean our room. I help pick up the toys and books on the shelf, and we carry all the laundry to the laundry basket. I am a little grumpy. This week I slept in my own bed all night and it is just not as good because I can’t reach the milk from my bed. Da reminds me to fall asleep when I wake up. Okay okay. This morning I woke up a little early because I was just sick of waiting. So I was grumpy.

I eat my granola and raisins. I read some books. I put together my bug puzzle. I want to go back to sleep… but not in my bed. I tell Mama “Night night,” but I decline to go downstairs. It is still an hour before nap time. I climb up to rock with her and I start having a dream.

When I get up I am feeling better. We eat lunch outside and go down to play on my slide. I have this slide that was Uncle Matt’s and it lived at Grandpa Bill’s house for a hundred years so that now I can slide on it. It is wonderful.

Mimee comes out to smell flowers and kill bugs. I follow her down the steps and there on the ground by my old berries I find two red treasures, shining and sparkling. I am so happy about them. I look for more. More. More. More.

Mama says, “Okay Edie, we can go inside and get more treasures.” She brings them to me but a mess rains down in the closet so she goes back. I show the treasures to Mimee, all the colors. They fill up my hands, even my biggest fists. I am scooping them and pouring them, one two three four five. I count out loud, “Two, two, two, three!”

Treasures are so pretty. When Mama comes back I show her and trade her and fill up her hands. I fill up my mouth too. Mama makes the trouble face and makes me spit them out. At first I give them back happily. Then I make a run for it and try to keep them for myself forever. Alas, I can’t get the back door open. Mama overtakes me and makes me clean them all up into the back. I think about crying when she puts them away, but just in time I decide not to.

If you have any treasures, please come over and share them with me. Mama won’t give me my treasures back and she won’t even let me touch her earrings.

Grandma and Grandpa Bring the Grapes

A Day in the Life

In their garden, my grandparents were growing lots of yummy foods. Today Grandma came to visit me with Grandpa, and they brought me snacks. I was napping and then I was hungry, so it was perfect. I ate the tomatos and the green grapes all off the stems but I shared with Grandma. And with Mama.

When I was all the way woken up we got set and walked down to Der Blokken. I was balancing on the curb and holding Grandma’s hand. We see lots of cats and I point so everyone looks. “Cat. Bird. Cars.” I hold hands and walk the whole way.

When we get to the pub, I play with ice and drink the water while we wait for our food. “Fun!” I tell Grandma. We talk about the sun and the clouds. We also talk about Aydan and I join in. I miss Aydan. Hey Aydan, let’s have our birthdays together. Whenever you get a chance.

I take a little walk with Grandma. We smell flowers and look around the neighborhood, in the windows of the pub to see Mama and Da and Grandpa. It’s sunny. I’m very happy.

Thai Food at the Park

A Day in the Life

I sometimes take these pictures on other peoples’ phones and then I can’t send them to you right away. This one is from Friday when we went to the new Thai restaurant in Manette. We took our food over to the park and I ate it all because it was delicious.

After we finished eating, I played on the bench. Mama and Da ran with me, everyone holding hands, and when I got fast enough I jumped and Flew off the end. I walked on the railing with Mama’s help and we could see the ferry leaving from Bremerton to go to Seattle. I ran up to the top of the hill and then ran So Fast down into Mama’s arms. Also I laughed my head off. I almost fell down I was laughing so hard.

Then we walked home and the moon followed us just like in Harold and the Purple Crayon.