Mussel Picking at Twanoh

A Day in the Life

This morning we put on our warm clothes and drove the truck out to the beach to get clams. Da brings his shovel and bucket, and I got to help with my own little bucket. My job is picking mussels, cleaning them off, and putting them in my bucket. I can get 40! We walk slow and watch the beach for the biggest mussels and I pull, pull, pull to get them off the rocks. My bucket is filling up. I sit down on the sand pile Da made digging, so I can see better when he pulls fat little clams out of the hole. I feel so happy.

I am pretty hungry, so we pick a little fucus plant off the rocks and suck the jelly out of the pockets. I chew up the whole leaf and ask for more. We talk about picking the sea beans on the way back to the truck, but we forget. Da brings the truck over to us so I don’t have to carry my bucket so far, and I change into my warm clothes. We drink hot tea and eat more wrack as we drive all the way home. We feast tonight!


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