Wild Places by my House

A Day in the Life

It was time to go to a wild place again so I got my Monkey and strapped him in my back. I picked him at a garage sale.

We went to the adventure place by the school. The kids are in the play yard so I told Mama “Kids! Kids! Run!” but she didn’t let me go play with them. Instead we walked down a driveway into the forest and the meadow. There used to be a river here but it is all dried up from no raining. I foraged fat juicy berries and I peeled apart the papers from a money tree. Every dandelion puff I saw, I picked it and puffed it. We walked through a thick viney trail and I made Mama hold my hand so she would be safe. At the end of the trail we fould piles of leaves to kick and a puddle of tiny acorns. Some squirrels were nearby waiting for us to leave the acorns alone. I told Mama “acorn!” so that she would hold the ones I collected. I wanted to give the squirrels some acorns but they were good at finding their own in the tree. I got up with Mama to watch.

Let’s go bouldering.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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