I fell Asleep and Woke up Here

A Day in the Life

We got in the car with Rachel and That Man, and I was so tired from the park I passed out. When I woke up we ate a ginormous burrito at Mossy Rock and then we came out to the woods. That Man got out little cloth houses and I peed in the woods.

After a little bit, we walked down to a meadow by the lake and Mama jumped down and picked me up. She carried me around and I didn’t want any lake but she made me wiggle my toes in it. Then Anty Rachel came down in the water and showed me how to plop rockes. It turns out hard plops are loudest and soft plops are very quiet. It was very fun until a boat came by and made big muddy waves all around me. It knocked me down and made me cold.


3 thoughts on “I fell Asleep and Woke up Here

  1. My great granddaughter reminds me of her grandmother. When she was little, she loved water. I remember taking her to the beach and she wanted into the water so bad I put bruises on her arms holding on so tight being afraid she would get washed out to sea.
    Great Grampa Joe

  2. Dear Edie, I just want you to know that I get excited when your posts pop up on my mom’s computer. I think you are funny, and you sure have fun adventures. I bet we’d be friends if you didn’t live so far away. –Bubba

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