First time at Wright Park

A Day in the Life

We got up so early to drive in the truck with Da. We drove under the lamps in the dark and came to his work. I thought maybe we would go to the zoo because that’s what usually happens.

But instead, we come to this cool Tacoma park. I check out the playground, which has big music instruments and also five different slides. I’m awesome at slide. Mama walks with me around the structure, and then we stroll over to the duck pond. It is really big, with a bridge and a willow and everything. I watched the ducks and squirrels and dogs coming out for morning walks.

“Food,” I tell Mama. “Please?” So we walk up to Satellite Cafe and have a giant scone and a little chai. The chai is too hot for me. I tell Mama I need a potty, but she is lost and we don’t quite make it. Oh well. I have my disposable unders on.

We walk back to the playground and I investigate more fully. Going up slides does not work so good. Some other little kids are here now and I watch, but I’m not really here to chat.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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