Poppy’s Tooth

A Day in the Life

Nothing very interesting happened for a while. I mean, I was interested in some things, but maybe you wouldn’t be. I was just working on my skills, like singing Baby Bumblebee, and saying 105 words, and counting to three. Kind of. I say “two, two, te!”

Da stopped going to Spokane, so now I get to see him every night no matter what. Also on Sunday we had the whole day, so after church Mama and Da and I went to the meadow to forage some leaves and seeds, and of course some berries.

Today, Poppy got that hole in his head he needed. Yesterday he had a bad wound on his teeth, and he took medicine that made him sleepy. I was worried, so I kept checking “Poppy? Poppy? Poppy? Hi.” And I gave him gentle touches.

But he had to go to the dentist and lose a tooth, like Iris. Iris doesn’t go to the dentist though, she just pulls them out herself. My Aunt Erin is a dentist. I will show her my seven teeth when she comes in the winter.

I brush my teeth with a flashlight toothbrush. And I floss.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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