Bremerton Blackberry Festival

A Day in the Life

As soon as we got here, we found these ponies. I was very interested about them because I am really good at animals. I watched them with my Mama and then Iris and I decided to go in to get a closer look.

Well, I didn’t exactly expect to get on top of that animal. I kind of thought I would give it a gentle touch and then go get some cotton candy. But we got on top. I got on one called Tanner. I then decided to be all done. Mama stood right with me and showed me how to hold on to the saddle, which made me more comfortable. Then I got really good at it.

We watched a magic show which I liked because all the people clap and clapping is fun. The magic was okay, but I can do better magic if you close your eyes.

Now I’m so hungry my body keeps falling on the ground when Mama wants me to walk, so I’m looking for something nutritious like icecream or french fries.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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