Mussel Picking at Twanoh

A Day in the Life

This morning we put on our warm clothes and drove the truck out to the beach to get clams. Da brings his shovel and bucket, and I got to help with my own little bucket. My job is picking mussels, cleaning them off, and putting them in my bucket. I can get 40! We walk slow and watch the beach for the biggest mussels and I pull, pull, pull to get them off the rocks. My bucket is filling up. I sit down on the sand pile Da made digging, so I can see better when he pulls fat little clams out of the hole. I feel so happy.

I am pretty hungry, so we pick a little fucus plant off the rocks and suck the jelly out of the pockets. I chew up the whole leaf and ask for more. We talk about picking the sea beans on the way back to the truck, but we forget. Da brings the truck over to us so I don’t have to carry my bucket so far, and I change into my warm clothes. We drink hot tea and eat more wrack as we drive all the way home. We feast tonight!


More Wooden Toys at Goodwill

A Day in the Life

My favorite toy store is Goodwill because that is where my Mama actually buys some. Remember my awesome ferry boats and cars? And my train? Well today we got a big bag of colorful wooden blocks. And some clothes of course. The blocks are best.

Before this I only had regular square blocks with numbers and stuff on them. These ones are more interesting to me right now because they are bright colors and all different shapes that do different things when I stack them together.

Now we’re going to eat pizza. Are you hungry?

Apples on my Tree

A Day in the Life

I have been eating for an hour and a half. I had a sweet potato which I ate like an apple, and then I picked a bunch of tomatos from our plants. Those tomatos are the best invention.

These apples were growing on my tree all summer and I was careful not to pick them (unlike the tiny oranges in the back yard). But some evil thieves took our best apples! And worms got some too.

But today I found just the right apple for me, under some leaves on a low branch, with no worm holes, all red and shiny. I told Mama, “Apple! Pick?” and she said okay. I had to pull with both hands but finally it popped off and I stuck it in my mouth. I have just the right teeth for apple biting.

Wild Places by my House

A Day in the Life

It was time to go to a wild place again so I got my Monkey and strapped him in my back. I picked him at a garage sale.

We went to the adventure place by the school. The kids are in the play yard so I told Mama “Kids! Kids! Run!” but she didn’t let me go play with them. Instead we walked down a driveway into the forest and the meadow. There used to be a river here but it is all dried up from no raining. I foraged fat juicy berries and I peeled apart the papers from a money tree. Every dandelion puff I saw, I picked it and puffed it. We walked through a thick viney trail and I made Mama hold my hand so she would be safe. At the end of the trail we fould piles of leaves to kick and a puddle of tiny acorns. Some squirrels were nearby waiting for us to leave the acorns alone. I told Mama “acorn!” so that she would hold the ones I collected. I wanted to give the squirrels some acorns but they were good at finding their own in the tree. I got up with Mama to watch.

Let’s go bouldering.

I fell Asleep and Woke up Here

A Day in the Life

We got in the car with Rachel and That Man, and I was so tired from the park I passed out. When I woke up we ate a ginormous burrito at Mossy Rock and then we came out to the woods. That Man got out little cloth houses and I peed in the woods.

After a little bit, we walked down to a meadow by the lake and Mama jumped down and picked me up. She carried me around and I didn’t want any lake but she made me wiggle my toes in it. Then Anty Rachel came down in the water and showed me how to plop rockes. It turns out hard plops are loudest and soft plops are very quiet. It was very fun until a boat came by and made big muddy waves all around me. It knocked me down and made me cold.

First time at Wright Park

A Day in the Life

We got up so early to drive in the truck with Da. We drove under the lamps in the dark and came to his work. I thought maybe we would go to the zoo because that’s what usually happens.

But instead, we come to this cool Tacoma park. I check out the playground, which has big music instruments and also five different slides. I’m awesome at slide. Mama walks with me around the structure, and then we stroll over to the duck pond. It is really big, with a bridge and a willow and everything. I watched the ducks and squirrels and dogs coming out for morning walks.

“Food,” I tell Mama. “Please?” So we walk up to Satellite Cafe and have a giant scone and a little chai. The chai is too hot for me. I tell Mama I need a potty, but she is lost and we don’t quite make it. Oh well. I have my disposable unders on.

We walk back to the playground and I investigate more fully. Going up slides does not work so good. Some other little kids are here now and I watch, but I’m not really here to chat.

Opening the Zoo

A Day in the Life

I never got to the zoo so early that they didn’t open the doors yet. I’m going to wake up all the animals! I find the meerkats first- they are sitting in a row having their coffee and relaxing, but very soon they get to their jobs for the day. Each one has a hole to dig on, except the boss. She stands on the top of the mound. When I get down from the stroller they all turn to watch me and my squeaky shoes. We stand still and watch each other, me and five happy meerkats.

One of them sits againt the wall for break time, but it is time for me to run around. I sing a song about the ‘kats and run through the kid tunnel. I sit in the bird nest and my shoes make extra sqeaks. Let’s go see the bears.

Poppy’s Tooth

A Day in the Life

Nothing very interesting happened for a while. I mean, I was interested in some things, but maybe you wouldn’t be. I was just working on my skills, like singing Baby Bumblebee, and saying 105 words, and counting to three. Kind of. I say “two, two, te!”

Da stopped going to Spokane, so now I get to see him every night no matter what. Also on Sunday we had the whole day, so after church Mama and Da and I went to the meadow to forage some leaves and seeds, and of course some berries.

Today, Poppy got that hole in his head he needed. Yesterday he had a bad wound on his teeth, and he took medicine that made him sleepy. I was worried, so I kept checking “Poppy? Poppy? Poppy? Hi.” And I gave him gentle touches.

But he had to go to the dentist and lose a tooth, like Iris. Iris doesn’t go to the dentist though, she just pulls them out herself. My Aunt Erin is a dentist. I will show her my seven teeth when she comes in the winter.

I brush my teeth with a flashlight toothbrush. And I floss.