Finished My Big Painting

A Day in the Life

Outside, Iris and I were painting. I worked on my canvas and she did a paper rainbow.

This canvas I started working on right after my birthday, and now it’s all done. We put lines and dots and puddles. Mama works on it with me because otherwise I kind of forget what we’re doing and paint my body instead. Because I like the feeling of the wet brushes on my skin. But when Mama is painting little dots, I copy her with big dots. We splat some red and yellow together. I walk over it and leave negative footprints. My feet turn greenish aqua.

Stripes grow all over my arms and legs. Some are drips and some are brush strokes, but it’s okay because the hose has been in the sun all day. I stand in the hose shower and warm rainbow colors swell at my feet.

I stomp and splash and giggle. Wouldn’t you?

Use these canvasses to do art projects like mine!


One thought on “Finished My Big Painting

  1. Budding artists are so free with their interpretation. Seroiusly. Beautiful child has fun with art. Gotta love it . Take careof yourlittle one, Mel. Remember DSS!

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