Hey Everybody Wake Up

A Day in the Life

These days I wake up earlier and I pee in the potty so I can go find Mimee and Poppy upstairs. This morning I was so early that they were still sleeping. I sneaked in there and I was so quiet, but I couldn’t help saying “hi” very quietly.

But Mimee still wakes up, and she opens up her blanket and I creep inside to snuggle her. I snuggled yesterday too. Mimee, let’s always snuggle.

I play pointing games and sing songs while I wait for them to wake up all the way. When we are all up, I sit with Poppy and he reads me a silly poem. Phydeaux rolls on the floor and wags his tail. It is exactly the height of my face so I get up with Mimee again. My dog is just happy because I gave him breakfast with Poppy. One, two, three. Eat your food, Phydeaux.

It is just a quiet morning and we are all happy.


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