We just Keep Coming Back

A Day in the Life

When we paddled up to the beach the tide was a little too high to walk so I sat with Mimee. Poppy rode on the back of Mama’s kayak. So we parked them on the sandy beach and everyone went and jumped in the water. I made a nest in the sand and watched them splash like fools, until I laughed my head back and clapped at them. But I didn’t go in.

My main job at the beach is to get as much sand on the blankets as possible. I lay down and watch the waves. We snack on pretzels and the grownups have that brown stuff I’m not allowed to drink. Except I try it sometimes when I find the bottles in the recyle. Anyway.

We have oranges and taffy and watch the boats go by. A really low flying airplane slams over the hill and down the passage, and after a while some geese follow.

Turns out those brown bottles make a cool hoot. I carry it around to each grownup and get them to hoot it. I would hoot it myself, but it doesn’t work. So I say “hooooo” and that’s almost as good.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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