Meeting Baby Beau

A Day in the Life

I should have taken a picture earlier to show my busy morning. I went to the Whale park with Anna and climbed on all the rocks. Then I went to Beau’s house to meet him for the first time. He just got born this week so I showed Mama “Baby!” and gave him gentle touches. Then I poked his head real fast.

I wanted to tap his face but Mama stopped me so I went and found a package of tea and ate it. But don’t worry. I still took my nap.

I will show you a picture of him next time. Today you get to see a picture of Poppy taking the kayaks on the car. I sat in the grass and watched Poppy and Mimee get the boats ready. Mama and I were playing and flying but then our sternums made a loud sound so I decided not to do that anymore.

Mimee set up my sprinkler because it is so hot. I like to stand at the edge and get my feet cold. My cheeks are red and hot but I don’t really want them to get wet. Another great idea: sitting in the shade with ice pops.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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