First Time at Seattle Aquarium

A Day in the Life

I was at the Aquarium because Nana is here. All us girls rode the boat to Seattle. The walk was nice and we saw fountains and birds, but the inside was the best. I love fish. We saw fish from our area and also beautiful bright tropical fish. When I saw the octopus I talked octopus language to him with my hands. I was getting tired and tried to take a nap on the ground. We went out to the birds and I saw puffins swimming and sitting. I never saw birds and fish playing together before. Oh the jellyfish were beautiful! Fish fish fish. Also seals are wonderful, and otters.

After the Aquarium I was just chewing on my octopus toy and we went shopping at Pike Place. It was really busy with so many people, so I didn’t get to walk by myself. I would get squished. So I rode up on everyone’s shoulders.

Mama didn’t come back on the boat because she went to girl time. I got the whole evening with Da. He works far away so I don’t always get to see him. I love you Da! I miss you very much!


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