Staying Home In My Yard

A Day in the Life

I did not go to the beach today. Nana and Papa and Mimee and Poppy and Auntie and Iris and Matt went. But I stayed home and took my nap at nap time, and when I woke up I peed and cried and made lonely noises until Mama came and gave me milk.

We came outside. I played with the outside toys and the water and my dog Phydeaux. I peed more.

Eventually Iris came back and we played outside together, sitting in my bucket and picking berries. We take turns bossing each other. That works pretty good but I wish I could pick her up and haul her to the other side of the room too.

No clothes in the summer! When I was a little baby it was cold and we stayed inside and wore coats. Now I am warm and outside and naked for the rest of my life! Sunshine forever! Drink out of the hose always!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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