Nana Came to My House!

A Day in the Life

When I got up from my nap, Nana and Papa were here! They brought a little house stuck on the back of their truck. They brought me a book and a moose and some bubbles! Iris came for dinner with her friends and we ate chicken legs.

I ate more berries too. I have alpine strawberries and tiny blueberries and white currants, so I filled up my belly.

Oh oh! Nana and Papa brought my radio that sings elmo and cookie monster songs, and my bead roller, and my farm spinner. I have so much toys I need a new house to fit it all.

Iris’s friends are two boys. They are really interesting. They move fast, make noises, and almost light up, so they are pretty much better than any toys. Except they are more dangerous. When I am by myself and get hurt, it is usually because I was trying to do something new. When there are big kids running around, I can get hurt just standing there doing nothing.

What are we going to do tomorrow? It is always exciting when we go out with Nana. Hmmmm.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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