Shiny Shine

A Day in the Life

More outside, more beach, more nature all the time. I love summer. Except when I miss my nap it makes me grinchy.

We are at Shine and Wolf beach, with our kayaks and shovels. I forgot my swimsuit so I went in the water with my dress for a while. Fortunately Auntie remembered my swimsuit and brought it with her and Iris.

The current is kind of strong because the tide is coming in through a narrow passage. Herons fly above, and I point them out to everyone. Down under the water a hundred little crabs, young dungeness, are running around. I stand in the stream and pet the empty oyster shells. It’s best if Mama holds my hand because I feel pretty off balance in the water. It makes me a little nervous.

We play on the beach too. Hot sand, hot shells, hot driftwood everywhere. I want to sit on Iris’s lap, or lay down. I check in case Matt has milk. He doesn’t.

Gonna take a little rest, eat some seabeans, and ride the boats.


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