Red Huckleberries

A Day in the Life

We had real huckleberry school today. I schooled everyone.

It was so hot we decided to go for a woods walk. Part of the time I was walking myself and holding all the hands. Part of the time I was riding in Poppy’s backpack.

We saw mushrooms and cones, and then we found a few little huckleberries and Poppy picked them for me. The next huckleberries, I got down and picked them myself. Then we found a bush with the most berries ever! They were up pretty high, so I was so glad I was in the backpack… I ate a hundred. We picked a little branch and I had berries to go! Just when I was running out, I spotted more fat round red berries so heavy the branches were limp. Berries as big as Christmas ornaments. So I quickly ate another pound. Mama picked a branch to see if she can get it to grow at home, and I told her I wanted to eat her berries. She wouldn’t share, and she tried to buy me off with goldfish.

It worked.

You want to come next time?


2 thoughts on “Red Huckleberries

  1. Oh fun! When I was your age, my mommy let me eat blueberries off the bush in my yard. I think I ate a hundred too. But for some reason, now that I’m big, I won’t touch the things. Maybe I would like huckleberries if I tried one…I’ve never even seen them! –Chica

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