Low Tide and Matt

A Day in the Life

We are back at our beach and Matt got home from California so he came with us. It is low tide and we saw some anemones and some crabs and I found a clam. Last night I ate clams for dinner; I just open them right up and pop them in my mouth. This clam was still alive only. So I couldn’t get it open.

I find lots of shells too, little oysters and mussels and different clams and cockles. I throw rocks into the water while Mama and Mimee practice with slingshots. I can throw almost that far..

Sometimes I get sleepy so I lay down on the soft sand and say “night night.” But it only takes a minute to charge back up.

Boats go by and make big waves. I tell them “go go go!” After a while the side changes and the surf starts creeping back up the beach. I like walking in the water with my feet but it’s best if you hold hands too.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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