Whale Park with Aydan

A Day in the Life

My cousin Aydan came to my house and we went to a park to play. We don’t get to play very much because she lives very far away in Africa, but just for today she was in my town. I waved at her new brother a few days ago too.

We went on the beach and saw a hermit crab in a snail shell, and a dead salmon. The beach was slippery and squishy. When we came up to the playground, we went to the boat first and Aydan sang Row Your Boat very pretty. I didn’t remember all the words so I wasn’t very loud. We climbed on the orcas and the slide, and watched Grandma ride the zipline.

Aydan knows lots of words and songs, like the one she sang to me in the car: “I was hungry; before I ate my breakfast; I was hungry!”

When we were all done at the park, Grandma took us to a bakery to eat cookies. I got a pumpkin cookie but I didn’t eat it all. Aydan got an M&M cookie and ate all the Ms out of it.

We went back to my house but it was nap time and Aydan was sad from a splinter. Grandma took her home.


Yard Time With Iris

A Day in the Life

Iris picked out my dress so now now we are twinsies. We had chicken dinner outside and Iris took me over to the grass afterward where we frolicked. It was our second time playing in the grass today. First time we were at the field and Mama and Mimee were running the track. I ran it too.

I say “Guh kooo” and it means thank you. Also it means I gave you something and now you’re supposed to say thank you. I remind you.

We got new bookshelves for our room so now I have room for my toys and books. I clean up after me, all my toys picked up. I’m a big helper. I even helped Poppy carry a kayak. It was heavy.

Snacks in our House

A Day in the Life

In the garden we have tomatos growing and also some berries. We used to have cherries but I ate them all gone.

My teeth keep poking me. I don’t like it. It makes me feel grinchy and like there’s not enough milk left in the world. I’m pickier about food and I don’t like to eat very much at one time. My mouth gets tired.

Here some snacks I still like:

Garden Forage Mac and Cheese

Apricot Pizza

Finished My Big Painting

A Day in the Life

Outside, Iris and I were painting. I worked on my canvas and she did a paper rainbow.

This canvas I started working on right after my birthday, and now it’s all done. We put lines and dots and puddles. Mama works on it with me because otherwise I kind of forget what we’re doing and paint my body instead. Because I like the feeling of the wet brushes on my skin. But when Mama is painting little dots, I copy her with big dots. We splat some red and yellow together. I walk over it and leave negative footprints. My feet turn greenish aqua.

Stripes grow all over my arms and legs. Some are drips and some are brush strokes, but it’s okay because the hose has been in the sun all day. I stand in the hose shower and warm rainbow colors swell at my feet.

I stomp and splash and giggle. Wouldn’t you?

Use these canvasses to do art projects like mine!

Hey Everybody Wake Up

A Day in the Life

These days I wake up earlier and I pee in the potty so I can go find Mimee and Poppy upstairs. This morning I was so early that they were still sleeping. I sneaked in there and I was so quiet, but I couldn’t help saying “hi” very quietly.

But Mimee still wakes up, and she opens up her blanket and I creep inside to snuggle her. I snuggled yesterday too. Mimee, let’s always snuggle.

I play pointing games and sing songs while I wait for them to wake up all the way. When we are all up, I sit with Poppy and he reads me a silly poem. Phydeaux rolls on the floor and wags his tail. It is exactly the height of my face so I get up with Mimee again. My dog is just happy because I gave him breakfast with Poppy. One, two, three. Eat your food, Phydeaux.

It is just a quiet morning and we are all happy.

We just Keep Coming Back

A Day in the Life

When we paddled up to the beach the tide was a little too high to walk so I sat with Mimee. Poppy rode on the back of Mama’s kayak. So we parked them on the sandy beach and everyone went and jumped in the water. I made a nest in the sand and watched them splash like fools, until I laughed my head back and clapped at them. But I didn’t go in.

My main job at the beach is to get as much sand on the blankets as possible. I lay down and watch the waves. We snack on pretzels and the grownups have that brown stuff I’m not allowed to drink. Except I try it sometimes when I find the bottles in the recyle. Anyway.

We have oranges and taffy and watch the boats go by. A really low flying airplane slams over the hill and down the passage, and after a while some geese follow.

Turns out those brown bottles make a cool hoot. I carry it around to each grownup and get them to hoot it. I would hoot it myself, but it doesn’t work. So I say “hooooo” and that’s almost as good.

Berries Berries Berries

A Day in the Life

It’s summer so it’s just time to forage all the time. Me and Iris went out to get blackberries at Mimee’s friends’ house. There were so many and lots were close to the ground so I filled up my belly. We got to walk around and see all the new trees. They will have apples on them, or as I like to say “Apps.” You don’t even need a smart phone to get food from plants.

Mixed in with the blackberries we found salal, blue huckleberries, and thimbleberry plants. I never tried salal before but Mama looked it up in her book and it said “safe” so we all tried some.

By the gardens there are chickens and bees. We feed the chickens some dandelion greens, and watch the bees come to water to bring it back and cool off their hive. I tell them, “drink, bees!”