Learning Joy (Plus the Splinter and the Weasel)

A Day in the Life

I like these guys. The story at the end with the doctor is really funny. I can’t really say needle either.

chica and bubba

If only.

If only it didn’t take two hours to get Bubba to sleep, then this would have been a very different post.

You see, today I’ve been on a mission searching for joy.  I found it, and I’ve been crafting eloquent ways to write about it all day.  I was going to tell you about my kids laughing at each other, empty grocery bags, and sweeping my steps.  I was going to tell you about getting peed on, going for a jog, and getting splinters out with weasels*.  Most importantly, I was going to try to describe the mysterious relationship between joy and obedience.

But then Bubba wouldn’t fall asleep.  I swear sometimes that the boy is allergic to his bed. He’ll be completely passed out, limp in your arms, but the second his skin hits his sheets, he’s wide awake and heartbroken.

If only I had…

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