A Day in the Life

Because I am an athlete, I really enjoy watching the Olympics. I get up in my chair, dip dip my chili dog, and watch some of my favorite events. I like the boats a lot, and the balls are pretty awesome. Yesterday my favorite was the bikes.

Mimee is an athlete too. We watch together. I say “Go go go!”to the water polo guys. When we watch the gymnasts qualify, I get pretty excited and try out some of those moves. I can do a really good Downward Dog, and with a little help I can do tripple flip twists and stick it. When we watch rowing, Mimee tells me, “Those are girls, Edie! Girls like you!”

Phydeaux comes an and he wants to make up his own Olympic event. I have to tell him what to do because I’m a human and a boss. I take away his toys and throw them for him. I also taste them.

It’s pretty fun to all sit on the couch all together and watch people from around the world do their best. I never watched this much TV before though. Now I need to buy a car.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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