Mountain View

A Day in the Life

We are driving the bike at the school, around and around the track. My Mama is pedaling and Mimee is running around in circles and Iris is riding her bike next to my trailer. We go around and around. Phydeaux comes, and look, he brought Poppy with him! My dog runs around too, even faster than Mimee. He goes down into the ditch with water.

After a while, I get tired of my trailer and Iris gets tired of her bike. We trade, only I can’t ride her bike so it just lays in the grass while I run over to Poppy. I wave and say Love you to Mimee and Mama and Iris as they go by, and Phydeaux. He hardly ever knocks me down anymore. I’m really strong.

Did you know I have a super power also? I can make anybody come over and kiss me with mind control. All I have to do is make a slimey kissy face and hum. You think it wouldn’t work on you? But it would. I can mind control anyone, even when I’m touching the dishwasher or the rocks.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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