A Day in the Life

Then we went on this train in the sky between the tall buildings. We were pretty hungry so we got some chips at a mexican restaurant in the top of a tall building. We sat outside where we could see firetrucks and busses, and right about when I got sick of chips the beans came. I love beans. They are the best food. Mama wouldn’t share her fancy milk but Iris shared her chicken.

We finished dinner and went to some stores with the escalator. I played with cool instruments like a Peruvia shaker. I have an Aunt and Uncle in Peru, you know. They gave me my Llama and I’m going to go see them.

Then we ran ten blocks. Mimee was pushing me in the stroller. We were so fast we even caught a ferry! I walked on the top deck and came up and down lots of stairs. It was still dark when we got home.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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