King Tut

A Day in the Life

I went to Egypt today to see the king. There were statues of all the princesses and helpers and kings and queens, and there were golden fingers that they made the king wear when he was dead. My favorite part was the golden necklaces. I was trying to tell Mama that I have some at home just like that. I got them from Matt.

Iris was with us too. She kept riding in my stroller.

After looking at all that mummy stuff, we decided to lighten up by visiting the tropical butterfly house, which I love. The little red butterflies on the purple flowers were the best. After we came out I found this wonderful huge golden caterpillar and I decided to be friends with him. Mama kept trying to show me all these things like the beehive and the snakes, but everytime she looked up I sneaked back to my caterpillar.

We played in the tots area, where I climbed some stairs and picked up really big blocks. Makes a girl hungry.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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