Relax after VBS

A Day in the Life

Mimee and I are relaxing. She is so tired from Vacation Bible School at Keyport. I am tired from that too but not very tired because I already took a huge nap. Poppy took us to the closing ceremony so I could dance. When the clapping songs were on that was my favorite. I stood on a table for a minute but then we went to sit by the preschoolers. It was fun to see our friends like Brielle and Stephanie but I didn’t really get to play with little little kids. After all the songs we went outside and played on the playground, me and Iris and Ari and Iris’s friend. I ate some cookies and pizza and grapes, and when we got in the car I passed out until dinner time.

I have this green mesh bag and it’s really cool because I’m allowed to put it on my head. I kiss everyone through it. Mmmmmmwah.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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