Zoo with Friends

A Day in the Life

It was a little cloudy when we got to the zoo but it got warm and pretty. We sat by the playground and ate quiche and muffins and fruit, and we all climbed on the alligator and the rocks afterward. I like the bathroom by the piranas because it has a little potty and a big potty, so I can sit on it without my potty seat.

The walruses were playing with us. At first it was kind of funny but then I realized they are really big. They rubbed their whole backs right on the glass I was looking at and I could see their eyes and their feet. I showed them my feet. I also liked the meerkats because they were frisky and all snuggling a tiny sleepy baby. Another good one was the gnu. He has toys on his head. There are some pretty sweet dogs that are swimming that are called seals. I showed everyone they are dogs but Cami said they were fish. They are kind of like fish and kind of like dogs. I didn’t get to see the other fish because I fell asleep on Mama’s head right before the aquarium.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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