Anty Rachel’s House

A Day in the Life

I’m staying the night at anty Rachel’s house. She is lovely and plays with my stuff with me. We eat chicken and noodles and tomatos sitting on the ground, so I can snack on everyone’s plate. We went to some stores too. That hairy man came. The look in his eyes is no good. It’s all cuddly and glinty, and it strikes terror in my heart. I tell Mama “Up! Up!” but she just keeps talking to anty Rachel and that man. I tell her “milk?” because I want to hide and still be close to her. Than man just stays there. He keeps waving interesting things but I know better. When he has food I eat it but I’m not playing with him no way no how. A pretty lady comes and she is scary too but only a little. But I have to go to bed. I am very tired so I lay my head down to rest, but Wait! Interesting new place! Mama sings me old songs and I lay my head on her chest. Hmmmm hmmmm. It’s warm and I hear her heart. Night… Night…..


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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