Wood Ferry Boats and a Train

A Day in the Life

We went to Goodwill and found these Awesome toys! We also found a talking telephone but Mama wouldn’t let me get it. It was obnoxious. I was a little sad but mostly hungry, and when we got my new toys all cleaned up (and I had dinner), I was so happy to find them! It’s a train with a car and a caboose, and two ferry boats with a ramp for a truck, a van, and two cars. I also got a lock box with six doors that all have different latches. I carried the pieces over one by one and I loaded up the boat and drove the cars and unhooked all the train pieces. Matt should see these! Matt is my uncle who lives at my house. I tell Mama “Matt? Matt!” and we go to get him. But he is playing a video game. I try to talk him into it. “Hi. Hi! Hi?” I try to get Mama to help but it doesn’t work. He won’t come. I go back in and the caboose has a shiney necklace in it. “Ooo.” I taste it, but it’s not especially good. One more lap to see if Matt will come play with me.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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