A Day in the Life

Concentrating. The holes are big enough but it is tricky to get the string through. I put the beads with the hole up and stick the string down inside, but it won’t go through the table. I have to turn it to pull the string out. I get the beads already on a string and I pull them off, putting the beads back in the box or on the table. Round ones roll away. I put them back on the table so we can see them roll again. The strings alone are interesting. I get the strings and hold them in my hand so when I walk they trail behind me. Mama should hold one side. “Pull,” I tell her. It’s easy to say. We wag the string between us and it bounces the knot in the middle. It’s hilarious! I bounce my butt too. It reminds me, I know how to climb on the table! When I start, Mama reminds me I’m not supposed to. She pushes the button on my forehead and it’s so funny I try again and again. I don’t really¬†think she’ll let me get up, but trying everything is almost as good as getting everything!


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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