Learning Joy (Plus the Splinter and the Weasel)

A Day in the Life

I like these guys. The story at the end with the doctor is really funny. I can’t really say needle either.

chica and bubba

If only.

If only it didn’t take two hours to get Bubba to sleep, then this would have been a very different post.

You see, today I’ve been on a mission searching for joy.  I found it, and I’ve been crafting eloquent ways to write about it all day.  I was going to tell you about my kids laughing at each other, empty grocery bags, and sweeping my steps.  I was going to tell you about getting peed on, going for a jog, and getting splinters out with weasels*.  Most importantly, I was going to try to describe the mysterious relationship between joy and obedience.

But then Bubba wouldn’t fall asleep.  I swear sometimes that the boy is allergic to his bed. He’ll be completely passed out, limp in your arms, but the second his skin hits his sheets, he’s wide awake and heartbroken.

If only I had…

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A Kid’s Wilderness Survival Primer

A Day in the Life

Me and my Mama spend a lot of time outside in nature, and we talk about safety and natural resources and stuff. Mostly she just says “Wa wa wa wa wa wa…” and I notice things I could put in my mouth. But I am definitely learning, a little at a time, how to take care of myself outside.

This is a cool link that will help me learn more about being safe outside:  EQUIPPED TO SURVIVE ™ – A Kid’s Wilderness Survival Primer. You should check it out and show it to your friends.

via EQUIPPED TO SURVIVE ™ – A Kid’s Wilderness Survival Primer.

Reading and Quesadillas

A Day in the Life

In the afternoon sometimes I take my book out and read on the deck by myself. I am reading “I’ll Teach My Dog a lot of Words.”

Today I’m having some quesadillas. We made some sauce with salsa and yoghurt, and I dip dip my pieces in it.

Poppy gets home on Matt’s motorcycle. I miss Matt. I hear his motorcycle and say “Matt!” but Mama says it’s just Poppy. I love Poppy too but I really miss Matt. I make sad eyes.


A Day in the Life

Because I am an athlete, I really enjoy watching the Olympics. I get up in my chair, dip dip my chili dog, and watch some of my favorite events. I like the boats a lot, and the balls are pretty awesome. Yesterday my favorite was the bikes.

Mimee is an athlete too. We watch together. I say “Go go go!”to the water polo guys. When we watch the gymnasts qualify, I get pretty excited and try out some of those moves. I can do a really good Downward Dog, and with a little help I can do tripple flip twists and stick it. When we watch rowing, Mimee tells me, “Those are girls, Edie! Girls like you!”

Phydeaux comes an and he wants to make up his own Olympic event. I have to tell him what to do because I’m a human and a boss. I take away his toys and throw them for him. I also taste them.

It’s pretty fun to all sit on the couch all together and watch people from around the world do their best. I never watched this much TV before though. Now I need to buy a car.

Grandma’s Kitchen Toys

A Day in the Life

I slept so good in the little bed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It helped that I was totally worn out from going outside and walking walking never stopping. I slept in one spot and didn’t even move for eight hours! Then I got in bed with Mama and slept for four more hours. Perfect. Maybe I need my own room.

It’s nice to wake up and hang out with Grandma in the morning. I play with all her toys, especially her cups and bowls and pans. She took me on a walk and got me a ladybug cookie. I used some measuring cups to spoon pieces of my cookie into my mouth. I also play with a dog and a bear and lots of books. Grandma and Grandpa both read a lot so it’s easy to find books everywhere in their house. My house is kind of like that too. I love books.

Train Playground

A Day in the Life

We put Iris and Auntie on an airplane and then we came to a store. The store was kind of boring so I wiggled to entertain myself. Then we found this awesome climbing toy to get on! Some big boys were playing on it really crazy, so I just watched for a while. Then I held my Mama’s hand and climbed up a slide. I went down and up and down and up.

Then I was ready to go night night. When I woke up I was at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I’m going to sleep here tonight! Mama and Da get in the truck and drive away. I wave, bye bye, I love you!

So Much Beach

A Day in the Life

I put on Iris’s goggles and it turns me into a hero. We built a tidepool to make a home for sea animals. I stepped in and tried it out, bacause I am a sea animal sometimes. I rub sand into Mama’s back to make her skin smooth, and I wade into the water to catch bobbley kelp and fat driftwoods.

We laid out towels to sit on. I lay down with my head downhill and say Night Night. But it’s just a joke.

I go back to the shoreline and fill up my bucket with water. I just want to pour it out a few more times.

Illahee Squids

A Day in the Life

Me and Iris are playing on the beach. I took my shoes off and the sand is on my feet. It’s warm. I sit down on the sand and poke my tools into it. Iris walks down into the water, and I try my feet in it too, but it’s pretty cold and I don’t like it when the boats drive by and make the waves so big.

I do some exploring. I check out Mimee’s chair and I find some little rocks and sticks. Mimee gives me goldfish crackers. Iris made a hole in the sand down to the wet part. She says “ick, ick, ick” and I copy her. Then I remember those goldfish.

We saw some guys with squids in a bucket. They are silvery and slippery with big eyes. The guys tell us they heard of Humboldt squid in Bremerton. Someone caught one, three feet long. Mama tells us Humboldts are moving North but she didn’t know they were already up in the Sound. It’s because the largest animals are messed up by the ocean getting warm and thick. When I’m big, it might not be safe to swim in some places, since big squids are mean.

Mountain View

A Day in the Life

We are driving the bike at the school, around and around the track. My Mama is pedaling and Mimee is running around in circles and Iris is riding her bike next to my trailer. We go around and around. Phydeaux comes, and look, he brought Poppy with him! My dog runs around too, even faster than Mimee. He goes down into the ditch with water.

After a while, I get tired of my trailer and Iris gets tired of her bike. We trade, only I can’t ride her bike so it just lays in the grass while I run over to Poppy. I wave and say Love you to Mimee and Mama and Iris as they go by, and Phydeaux. He hardly ever knocks me down anymore. I’m really strong.

Did you know I have a super power also? I can make anybody come over and kiss me with mind control. All I have to do is make a slimey kissy face and hum. You think it wouldn’t work on you? But it would. I can mind control anyone, even when I’m touching the dishwasher or the rocks.