ET and Iris

A Day in the Life

Yesterday Iris said, “Walruses!” so we went to see ET and his friends at the zoo. We had a kind of short trip, but we saw some important stuff. The three walruses were getting crazy! They jumped at us and lugged up on the rocks right by us. Walruses make a loud wet growly noise and their eyeballs are red and pointy.

We saw the seals getting their fish and we looked at the otters from the top and from the bottom. Then we booked it over to see the clouded leopard cubs. Sometimes there is a big line to see them, but me and Mama and Mimee and Iris just stood there and looked by ourselves for a long time. The cubs are cute, but they are starting to get big, bigger than cats. But I can still call them kitties if I want. We saw the elephants right before we left.

Then we went to try some Poppy coffee and I made a new friend. He had an apron and he touched my face. Poppy carried me to see his friends. I tried a mocha and Iris gave me a bite of her ladybug cookie. It didn’t taste like bugs.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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