Mimee and Phydeaux toss the Ball

A Day in the Life

When Mama went to her doula meeting, I got to play outside with Mimee! When she went potty, I told her I want to go pee too. So I peed in the potty. Mimee let me try some juice. That’s how you know she is a grandmother.

I am playing with Phydeaux. He clearly wants this ball, so I give it to him. Then he gives it back to me and acts all weird. So I give it to him. Mimee says throw it over there. I go over there, but as I start walking he jumps up and chases me. Okay Phydeaux, here you go. The ball is slimey and I don’t want to touch it. I go to Mimee and Phyeaux gives her the ball. She throws it across the room and he thunders away to get it. Repeat. I’m making my confusing eyebrows. But Mimee, I don’t mind if he gets it. And throwing it doesn’t make him not have it.

Mimee shows me how to throw the ball. That’s all well and good, but it seems unsafe, don’t you think? Because, my dog is like a hundred pounds. As in, five times bigger than me. His tail is fatter than my leg. Hi, dog.


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