Front Yard Morning Play

A Day in the Life

Outside in our front yard we see all our neighbors going by. Some of them I am happy to see so I wave and call “Hi!” Some of them I don’t want to talk to.

A lot of our neighbors are animals. We can see the dog across the street and he barks at us. There is a big murder of crows in a tree down the block. I show Mama the birds, and she shows me how to talk to them. “Raant! RAANT!” I tell them.

Our grass has pretty white dots of clover on it. Mama says they are okay to pick, so I pull out seven flowers and put them in her hand. Sometimes I get the whole flower and sometimes I just get some petals, but I like them.

We fold some laundry in the sunshine. I help by shaking the clean things before Mama folds them. I help a lot because I will be responsible for a lot of responsibilities pretty soon.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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