Quiet Days with Blocks

A Day in the Life

Sometimes we have quiet days where we just slow down and have time together. Mama is having me do our schedule with reading time and logic with blocks, shapes, or cones. We play together and I knock down all the stuff she makes. I can make a tower with four blocks if I want but knocking down is more fun. I am also learning to fall asleep all by myself at nap time. It’s stupid. I’m never going to need that skill in the real world. I think it’s just time for Mama to read by herself. She gets all the good books.

In between all that I work on all the cool stuff I can do. I can get on and off my rocking horse all by my self even though it’s tall. I can get onto anything actually if I want. I can wear underwear too. I can clean up. And I can copy faces and whistle.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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