Tiny Music

A Day in the Life

When I woke up I told my Mama “I” because I wanted to know where Iris was. She played with me yesterday. Mama thought I said hi, so she said hi back, but I said louder “I-zs!” After our shower, Iris came! She played with me while Mama cleaned up and we had her at our meeting. She is really good at Barnyard Dance, and we did this amazing thing called Ring around the Rosie, which I liked intensely and almost cried when we had to stop for book time.

After nap, Mimee took me to wake up Poppy. He was listening to this tiny blue music, and now I am sharing it with him and Mimee. It’s kind of hard to handle, because I put it by my ear to hear it, but when I start dancing my hand accidentally moves my tiny music away from my head and I can’t hear it. I try over and over.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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