ET and Iris

A Day in the Life

Yesterday Iris said, “Walruses!” so we went to see ET and his friends at the zoo. We had a kind of short trip, but we saw some important stuff. The three walruses were getting crazy! They jumped at us and lugged up on the rocks right by us. Walruses make a loud wet growly noise and their eyeballs are red and pointy.

We saw the seals getting their fish and we looked at the otters from the top and from the bottom. Then we booked it over to see the clouded leopard cubs. Sometimes there is a big line to see them, but me and Mama and Mimee and Iris just stood there and looked by ourselves for a long time. The cubs are cute, but they are starting to get big, bigger than cats. But I can still call them kitties if I want. We saw the elephants right before we left.

Then we went to try some Poppy coffee and I made a new friend. He had an apron and he touched my face. Poppy carried me to see his friends. I tried a mocha and Iris gave me a bite of her ladybug cookie. It didn’t taste like bugs.


Laugh when I Laugh

A Day in the Life

Da tried to take me to bed but I ran away to Poppy so then we escaped outside and played Phydeaux. Poppy has a bouncy yellow ball and Phydeaux runs the fastest to get it. We can fake him out if we pretend we throw the ball one way. Then he gets frantic. I think he might like his ball even more than I like my milk. It’s really funny because he jumps side to side. Poppy laughs when I laugh, so my giggles are like a good joke.

We come inside and I kiss Mimee. I avoid my parents. Once the sun starts going down, they are both nothing but trouble.

I’m going to send you a picture from my zoo trip with Iris yesterday. Sometimes I get so busy I just forget. I forget to go to the potty too… Today I remembered the potty mostly though.

I have some new words, notably: juice, no, eye, and Get! That last one is for Phydeaux. It works better when Mama does it. I say everyone’s name at my house.

I take lots of remedies lately. My nose has boogers a lot, but I drink the little cup by myself.

Catching You Up for Three Days

A Day in the Life

Hi. I didn’t write for a few days. Here’s what happened: I went to the zoo with just my Mama, and saw fish and sea creatures mostly, and I climbed the aquarium stairs a lot. Sunday, I went with Da and Mama to see Anty Elizabeth and baby William. Da took me to the botanical gardens at the university. The next day Grandma took me to Poulsbo. We went to the shoe store and the Loft and now I like salmon burgers.

Today Iris is here and we are doing school. We did Barnyard Dance (Barnyard Dance! (Boynton on Board)) for our meeting. I like holding hands and spinning but some parts are still confusing. However I could dance all day to Pearl Django. We painted on my canvas with my tempera paints, and we are going on a walk next. Iris has big plans for me…

Mimee and Phydeaux toss the Ball

A Day in the Life

When Mama went to her doula meeting, I got to play outside with Mimee! When she went potty, I told her I want to go pee too. So I peed in the potty. Mimee let me try some juice. That’s how you know she is a grandmother.

I am playing with Phydeaux. He clearly wants this ball, so I give it to him. Then he gives it back to me and acts all weird. So I give it to him. Mimee says throw it over there. I go over there, but as I start walking he jumps up and chases me. Okay Phydeaux, here you go. The ball is slimey and I don’t want to touch it. I go to Mimee and Phyeaux gives her the ball. She throws it across the room and he thunders away to get it. Repeat. I’m making my confusing eyebrows. But Mimee, I don’t mind if he gets it. And throwing it doesn’t make him not have it.

Mimee shows me how to throw the ball. That’s all well and good, but it seems unsafe, don’t you think? Because, my dog is like a hundred pounds. As in, five times bigger than me. His tail is fatter than my leg. Hi, dog.

Front Yard Morning Play

A Day in the Life

Outside in our front yard we see all our neighbors going by. Some of them I am happy to see so I wave and call “Hi!” Some of them I don’t want to talk to.

A lot of our neighbors are animals. We can see the dog across the street and he barks at us. There is a big murder of crows in a tree down the block. I show Mama the birds, and she shows me how to talk to them. “Raant! RAANT!” I tell them.

Our grass has pretty white dots of clover on it. Mama says they are okay to pick, so I pull out seven flowers and put them in her hand. Sometimes I get the whole flower and sometimes I just get some petals, but I like them.

We fold some laundry in the sunshine. I help by shaking the clean things before Mama folds them. I help a lot because I will be responsible for a lot of responsibilities pretty soon.

Happy Father’s Day at Shine

A Day in the Life

Now Da and Poppy and I, and Phydeaux, and all those girls, are walking the beach at Shine. We found seabeans, which are super delicious. Iris says yuck, but I say More More More Please! We see killdeer, and shells, and there are lots of driftwood forts. Mimee finds special sticks and I climb on pile of sticks, poking the sand and watching everyone. I’ve got my good giggles out. I’m watching the waves and the foam. There is eelgrass here and it shows; tiny baby crab shells are scattered through the beach crumbs. We are going to eat salmonberries on the way back too. The First Nations called June time the Salmonberry Moon because they are thre best food! Foraging is fun at Shine because at my house all I can forage is old food I already didn’t want.

Now I’m riding the backpack on my Da. We are having a Fathers Day snuggle.