Pink Ball

A Day in the Life

I am playing ball with Mama. I can roll it and catch it when I am sitting down. I can also bounce it on the steps. When Mama has it I get excited and run over to get it, but she reminds me to back up and sit down, so I walk backward to my step and sit down without looking. Sometimes it comes up closer than I thought, but I always finish with my butt on the step. When Mama fakes me out with the ball I laugh and laugh with my muppet voice.

We practice jumping too. Mama says jump jump jump and hops aRound the room. This is hillariously entertaining. I say “mup!” and try to jump too. I can’t seem to quite lift off but it feels awesome when Mama helps me count 123 and jumps me.

Still practicing my chair climbing. I have completely mastered Gramie’s brocade chair. Next week I’m hitting the Himalayas; wanna come?


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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