My First Lizard

A Day in the Life

I ate yoghurt and cereal and a banana and then my Mama went outside. I didn’t want to be left inside so I followed her out to the back yard. She was acting all silly with a piece of grass and she climbed in some bushes.Then she started talking to me with her loud high voice like it was an emergency and she came over to me with a scaley animal in her hands. He is a lizard. He has tiny eyes and tiny hands. I don’t love him. He’s okay. My Mama put him on my hand and Nana took some pictures but he ran up on the side of my neck and felt yucky. I had an idea to mush him like a banana. My mama put him in this plastic box and that made me feel better so I looked close and held the box. He has pretty blue scales on the underside. I still kind of wanted to mush him though.


Okay, now you tell me a story.

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