Mama’s Birthday

A Day in the Life

Before we woke up, Da went to Shine to dig cockles for Mama’s birthday. I got to play in the bucket with the cockles, clams, and whelks. The cockles shoot water! And I am fast enough to drink it! We had so much fun we decided to put on sunscreen and go to Illahee State Park to play on the beach more. Mama and I wear hats. I like walking with my feet in the water, but the stones make me extra tippy so I’d rather hold hands. Da shows me the animals and Mama takes pictures. Oyster shells are pretty good for digging sand. I got sand all over my butt. I also really like the logs by the bluff because I can climb and sit on them. There is a lot of clay here which I will come back for with buckets later. It’s so nice in the shade under the tree. Later we’re going to walk down the pier and look at it all from above. I think it’s a happy birthday!


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